Monday, December 3, 2012

Rolly Polly

Just a quick one today before I head off to work!
It seems there are many ways to spell Rolly Polly and this one worked for me!
You'll see Abriana attempting some of those first rolls that we just cheer them on for!
I love this blue and green color combo and against the pink it really pops!
As always, thanks for stopping by! I'd appreciate any comments or feedback and would love any new friends becoming followers!
Happy Monday!


  1. Very pretty color combo!
    And cute photos :)

  2. Awwww. This is so sweet.
    I'm now following you - I'd love to have you as a follower as well.

  3. awww so sweet... Love the colors and fabulous photos to have and share... thanks for sharing.

  4. This is a pretty color combo. Love the layered doilies!

  5. Cute page! Love how you did the layers under the title!

  6. Oh this is beautiful!! I love the colors and design!

  7. How sweet! Love your photos and colors. Wonderful page.