Thursday, March 14, 2013

Celebrate Disney Memories

When we came home and I looked at my pictures I was so disappointed to find out this final picture ,of my kids and their friends, hadn't turned out quite so well.
I was able to recover it some and gave it a vintagy type of look so  I was happy that it turned out and is now somewhat decent!
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Happy Thursday!


  1. The vintage look works nicely. Love your title work with the tag in there.

  2. Cute layout!
    Glad you were able to "fix" the photo.
    That is so frustrating when photos don't turn out as good as you hoped!

  3. Great layout, the first time we went to Disney when we got home apse realized the O ring had gone on our camera and every picture was pretty much ruined with a big ring of light around it. Glad you could make your work :)

  4. The last time I went to disney was in 2011 and it was just my husband and I . We had lots of fun and even enjoyed people watching (and seeing other children's reaction)

  5. Great layout the picture looks good. We just went to Disney about a month ago.

  6. That is a fun picture and certainly worthy of rescuing! Nice page!