Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mothers Day 2011

Following a sketch and the inspiration of Shimelle Laine's "Glitter Girl" video
This Mother's day layout was born! I really liked this video and how it encouraged making a kit out of your stash big enough for three layouts and using only what you had in the self selected kit contents to complete the layout. It was quite freeing and the layouts came together quite quickly and without all the hemming and hawing and looking for supplies!
These photos feature me and my kids a few years ago!
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. So pretty with the pearls scattered about!

  2. ooo thank you for linking the video. I heard of this particular one of hers and would love to see it.

    I can see how it is liberating. Just from limiting what I use, I makes decisions easier and a LO done faster, which is great!

    LOVE what you did! Special LO! Love those PPs too!