Monday, November 5, 2012

Nothing but a crybaby

I am one to always choose to document not only the good times but also the not so good as well.
 Non-stop- Wah, Wah, Wah was what we experienced the first year of my daughters life.
 We were told it was colic,
we thought it might be overstimulation,
we also thought it might be her formula bothering her belly.
All kinds of tricks were tried to calm our, often non stop cry in the evening baby.  
We made it through and often wonder with as much crying as she did that first year
how she turned out to be one of the most mellow people we know-
now that she is a young adult.
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Happy Monday!


  1. I'm sure those must have been trying times. So glad to hear she's mellow now. LOL! Such a pretty page! Love the soft colors and fun yellow in the title!

  2. Awesome page. Love how you documented it!

  3. As the mom of a newborn, it's good to see that it all works out on the other side :) very cute.

  4. Ahh, poor baby. Nice layout though and you should scrap the good and difficult.

  5. Yes, if babies could only tell us why they are crying! Love that you can tell this story with the happy ending many years later. Lovely page. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. this page is so great! love your journaling on the strips :)