Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Big 'ol Bath

Still plugging away at photos of my when my daughter was a baby!
Here she is taking a big girl bath in the tub!
Used some mist this time to fill in that white space with a little flow! I like how it looks on the newsprint paper!
I'll be sharing my creations with the sketches at Sketch A Thon starting tomorrow!
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. The misting is perfect on here! Love this!

  2. I love those colours!! Adorable layout.

  3. Ha ha, great photos! The yellow colour looks really great on the newsprint paper too. x

  4. I love the misting. It just adds so much. Ahoy new year. Laurab.

  5. How adorable! Very sweet layout. Love the yellow and the newsprint background.

  6. Patricia, this is adorable...I agree, love the look of the splatters on the newsprint background, and the yellow/blue combo is perfect for the photo theme! Thanks so much for the sweet blog comment! :)