Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sketch A thon- Layout 10

I'm still plugging away at all the sketches this month for the Sketch A Thon at
There are weekly prizes, and a grand prize at the end so there is plenty of time to still join in for this weeks drawing!
This layout features my daughter, Abriana, after her Lea Michelle(from Glee) haircut. It ended up being a nice style on her and she was happy with the cut!
As always, thanks for stopping by! I'd appreciate any comments or feedback and would love any new friends becoming followers!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Very pretty!
    And her hair looks cute!

  2. Fun title work and such a cute page!

  3. Cute layout love the embellishments :)

  4. Her hair came out wonderfully, she is very lovely

  5. Her hair looks very pretty! I like your heart buttons! x

  6. She is beautiful. I love those clusters of embellishments!