Thursday, July 19, 2012

Squeezy bug hug

A few weeks back I decided to splurge and take a class titled The Perfect Collection
by Shimelle Laine. The idea of the class is to take a paper collection you may have and by following the process you'll end up with a bunch of starting points for your layouts.
The class really appealed to me because I knew I would get lots of layouts done quickly and since I was working with a lot of older, not so perfect, photos I felt it would encourage me to not overthink things and just get my layouts done.
I didn't have a paper collection but did have two incomplete kits, that were given to me by a friend, that when merged together provided exactly what I needed! Follow along for the next many days as I highlight the 15 pages I was able to complete in 1 week by taking this class!

Don't you just love a good hug? My daughter sure loves giving them!
Here she is showing some love to my niece by giving her a big Squeezy bug hug!

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Happy Friday!


  1. Beautiful layout! Love the layering and bright colors. Such a sweet photo too.

  2. I actually enjoy scrapping (or looking at) older photos and this one is simply adorable. I have been a Shimelle fan for as long as I have been scrapbooking so I can see her influence on your page ;)

  3. Love the fun colors. Such a sweet photo too!

  4. This is so cute with the sweet photo and pretty colors! :)

  5. Your LOs look great! It is such a fun class!